What is ResistanceOpen?

ResistanceOpen is a global map of antimicrobial resistance, based on aggregated publicly available and user submitted resistance data. It is an open-collaboration database, where independent sources can contribute data. We do not use individual level data.

Our Team

Our team is comprised of epidemiologists, clinicians, and developers from HealthMap at Boston Children’s Hospital. We are an academic group, with no private sources of funding.

How Can You Contribute?

The success of ResistanceOpen is dependent upon the public availability of resistance data and the contributions of users. If you represent a laboratory, hospital, health network or surveillance network, and have an antibiogram(s) and wish to contribute data, please proceed to our sign up page. Your institution, lab or region doesn’t have an antibiogram? No problem, we can help lead you through the necessary steps.


How It Works

Our sources include publicly available online resistance data and user contributed data. Antibiotic resistance values displayed are based on weighted averages from all resistance indices (from the most recent available year) from all sources within the region of interest. For simplicity of interpretation, we have considered all ‘non-susceptible isolates’ as ‘resistant’. European data is currently based on ECDC EARS-Net. Argentinian data includes indices based on ReLAVRA. Central Asian and Eastern European data includes indices based on CAESER. Thailand data includes indices based on NARST. Malaysian data includes indices based on the Ministry of Health Malaysia. South African data includes indices based on NICD. New Zealand data includes indices based on New Zealand Public Health Surveillance. Ontario outpatient and long-term care data is derived in part from Life Labs. We are grateful to all the organizations that make their data publicly available. A more detailed methodology can be found here.


Our goal is to generate as accurate and informative data as possible, however we cannot guarantee complete accuracy due to the nature of our data aggregation system. We will strive to validate our data as we grow and provide our users with corresponding measures. Moreover we will work to provide additional classifiers and analytics.

The resistance data generated with this platform is not meant to guide clinical therapy.

Collaborations or Comments

We are always interested in improving our current system, as well as finding innovative ways to find and display resistance data. We can be contacted at resistanceopen@healthmap.org.

Datasets are available for academic groups. Please contact resistanceopen@healthmap.org for more details.